RVLock Keyless Entry System


Designed to fit most class C and many class A RVs with standard right-hinged doors, this heavy-duty RV entry door lock is a smart addition to your camper’s security. It’s at the top end of our best RV keyless entry system review, but the build is quality and you get a lock that feels, acts and looks secure.

The easy open handle has a low-profile touch keypad that can take one of a potential one million code combinations. Or choose to use the remote fob (you can add up to 10 to the system) for remote access. Plus, you get a set of mechanical keys and a hideaway section as a manual back-up. This camper door lock works on 4 AA batteries which come pre-loaded and all the mounting kit is also supplied. Yes, it is over $250 but this is a robust and durable keyless entry system that is reliable to use and comes powder-coated so it can stand up to the elements.