Sanku 2018 Upgraded Snow Tire Chains


Another different design, this one from Sanku is certainly eye-catching and not just because they are bright yellow. This is a pretty interesting design that is different from a traditional snow tire chain in just about every way possible.

What we essentially have here are 8 sets of pads that strap onto the tire, passing through the wheel itself. This makes them very easy to get on, with no need to move the vehicle – simply strap them on and away you go. That also makes them a universal sized product, in that it can be easily used on a variety of tire sizes.

Traction is not provided by a traditional chain either, but instead by anti-slip studs (called “nails”) which extend from each pad and help them to dig into the snow and ice.

These are kind of a strange design compared to most of the products on this list. The easy install, small size, low weight and the very (very!) low price though combine to make what could be a good chain to keep in the trunk for emergencies and occasional use.