Schumacher SE -1052 Manual Starter/Charger


Here comes another car battery charger that can also be used as a starter. The Schumacher SE – 1052 manual starter/charger boasts of a 50 amp engine capability ideal for emergency starting. It has a three function power switch which allows you to choose from the different three charging modes. The modes include a 2 amp trickle charge mode designed for charging small 12 volt car batteries between 2 and 12 hours, a 40 amp rate for fast charging and 10 amp charge mode ideal for most of your day to day charging needs.

The charger is completely manual, which implies that it has no microprocessors, neither does it have push-button controls for automatic charging. As such, it is imperative that you monitor it all the time it is being used. Therefore, it may not be an excellent idea to leave it working overnight or leave it unattended for a couple of hours during the day. This is because the battery can easily overcharge if maximum capacity is reached and the unit is not unhooked from the battery.