Schumacher SE – 4022 Manual Wheeled


This is a manual wheeled charger and tester with a wide range of capabilities that include various charging rates for different operations. With it comes the abilities to not just analyze electrical systems, but also analyze any starting problems the systems may be facing. It is ideal for 6V and 12V car batteries and can support up to 200 amps for emergency starting as well as 40 amps for fast charging of up to between 1 and 3 hours.

The Schumacher SE – 4022 manual charger boasts of three charge states which include a rapid 40 amp rate, 10 amps for fast charging and a slow trickle charge of just 2 amps.

One of the features you will admire about this charger is its speedy charge rate. For a standard car battery, it can charge the battery within an hour or less if set on the rapid 40 amps charge setting. For the slow charge times, it cannot charge for more than twelve hours, and this is highly commendable considering the charging capacities of most of its counterparts.

The charger is not controlled by microprocessors, and it doesn’t have any button controls. It is manually operated and monitored, and it will also not shut off on its own. This may not be a problem if you will be around the charger for most parts of the day, but it may not be a right decision to leave it unattended to for some hours or leave it charging overnight. The battery may reach full capacity and overcharge.