Schylling Junior Helper Push Broom


There are a lot of industrial push brooms on the market with each possessing unique qualities and features. The Schylling Junior Helper Push Broom comes with many features, but its design for children sets it apart from others. The Schylling push broom doesn’t only help your child learn sweeping tricks, it also helps them to feel mature and responsible. This builds their confidence, and it is the perfect little helper for your mini helper.

This push broom is made from robust materials, and it features a highly ergonomic handle. It is developed from an easy-to-clean plastic. The handle is installed at the perfect angle with sturdy fastening to the brush for exceptional performance. When designing for children, manufacturers must consider the height limitations of children. Schylling understands this to perfection; thus, its push broom has been fixed at a 31-inch length with a 12-inch width, which makes it ergonomically comfortable. Take on the hardest of jobs with your mini companion and enjoy their newfound love for cleaning with this push brush. Over the years, Schilling has gained popularity globally as a world leader in the manufacture of classic fun toys.