Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps


Ten Eighty has introduced the Mini Launch Ramp, an outstanding model with a considerable performance designed into a cute and classic enclosure. This Scooter Launch ramp is one of their most beautiful creations yet, and it has brought in a lot of experienced skaters for a purchase. This ramp can be used by both experts and beginners in the field because of its durable build. This skateboard ramp system is made with a high impact construction, which enhances its durability. It utilizes a textured finish, which is also slip-resistant to keep you safe while you skate.

The Launch mini ramp for skateboards stays in place during its usage, thanks to its non-slip rubber feet system. This skateboard ramps is great for skating enthusiasts above the age of eight. It supports the weight of up to 125 lbs and an ideal model for outdoor use. Explore all those new skills and tricks you’ve always wanted to try in the comfort of your garage via the Launch mini skateboard ramp.