Security Chain Company SZ143 Cable Tire Chain


We like to keep you on your toes here at Car Bibles, so without very first product, we’re going to throw you a bit of a curveball. This snow chain you see is not actually a chain at all – it instead uses a kind of metal cable design.

That unique design and construction is not the end to the list of features of this product, however, oh no it is in fact merely the beginning! The first thing to note is that this is a phenomenally versatile chain. What you’ll see as you make your way down our list is that many chains are specific to a certain vehicle type.

That does not apply to this product, however. That cable-style design means it has very, very low clearance, making it suitable for more types of vehicles. It’s also designed to be incredibly easy to fit, with no need to actually move the vehicle during installation. It also has a better level of compatibility with Anti-Lock brake system sensors than many other types of chain. 

Don’t be worried that grip has been sacrificed either, as the cable element of the chain has been designed to give better all round traction than conventional chains. This is a phenomenally well-designed snow chain, with a very reasonable mid-range price tag too.