Security Chain ZT735 LT Light Truck & SUV Tire Traction Chain


You may well recognize this item from way back at the top of our list, as this is essentially the big brother of the SZ143 model by Security Chain. That particular set of tire chains was designed for typical passenger cars and SUV vehicles. This is exactly the same product, except scaled up for light trucks and larger wheel SUV’s.

So that means you are going to get all of the stand out features that made the smaller version one of the best tire chains we’ve seen so far. In case you missed that, this list of features starts with a very easy installation, with built-in rubber tensioners that are self-tightening. That means that you once you’ve got the chains installed they will maintain their own tension as you drive.

The metal cable design we saw before has also been used here, replacing the typical chain design seen on traditional products. That cable has a very low clearance (perfect for SUV’s), whilst also being designed to generate phenomenal grip and traction. It also plays well with Anti-Lock Brake System sensors.

As a large version, it naturally has a slightly higher price tag, but it is still excellent value for a very well designed product.