Semi-Automatic Car Tent


This Semi-Automatic Car Tent is available in silver or blue. It’s 165-inches long, weighs 11 pounds, and takes only seconds to install on your vehicle. The PU silver-coated material is designed to reduce the temperature in your vehicle by as much as 45 degrees during the summer. It’s waterproof and also designed to protect cars from frost, ice, and snow.

The product is easy to fold and unfold and uses TPU rubber soft suction cups as well as adjustable windproof ropes that lock in the four corners and detach automatically when it gets really gusty.  It also has anti-theft rope and steel wires for added security. The umbrella is compatible with a wide variety of sedans, minivans, trucks, SUVs, and more. However, it’s not designed for heavy snow conditions, so you need to remove it if you’re expecting over an inch of snow. Also, the manufacturer warns that it’s not to be used when driving.