Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress


The eight-inch memory foam RV mattress from Serenia Sleep is ideal for people who enjoy medium firm bedding with a firm foundation. This six-inch base layer helps boost the memory foam effect of the upper layer while contributing to the longevity of this product. Feeling stiff and tired after a long night of tossing and turning in your bed will become a thing of the past once you replace your old mattress with this comfortable cloud. This is due to the conforming ability of the memory foam that will automatically adjust to the profile of your hips and shoulders. When it comes to temperature, the Serenia Sleep mattress packs 2.5 pounds of what is called open celled memory foam. This type of foam does not hold onto your body heat and this helps regulate the temperature of the mattress. This cooling effect is a blessing during summer road trips and sweat inducing heat waves. All memory foam mattresses are made in the USA where they are roll packed and shipped directly  to your door.