Shimano Deore XT Disc Mountain Bike Brakes


First up on our list of the best mountain bike brakes is Shimano’s Deore XT Disc Brake from their M8000 range (Shimano are one of the leaders in this field, so they’ll be featuring a lot on this list!) These high-tech aluminum bike brakes have been refined for a more lightweight and sleek design, with a narrower clamp to give you more space, and a lever arc that mimics the natural movement of your fingers. The new lever also has an integrated master cylinder. The brake is easy to adjust, with tool-free reach adjustment and a free stroke adjustment.

Servo Wave technology adjusts piston travel according to lever travel to allow predictable modulation. This enables the pads to sit further away from the rotors and reduces drag when at rest. A 22mm ceramic piston in the calipers gives impressive stopping power, and Shimano’s radiator pads with integrated fins reduce fade on dissents and help to dissipate heat. The brake comes pre-bled and can be easily mounted using the split clamps on hinges. It’s complete for either Left/Front or Right/Rear, but you will need to purchase the rotor separately.