Shinko 712 Front Motorcycle Tire


From one of the lesser known – at least here in the States – tire makers we are back to one of the most prestigious with this set of front and rear tires from famed French manufacturer Michelin. With a price pushing well over 200 bucks, we are also back into the realms of the premium tire.

So what are Michelin bringing to the party here? Well, they have reached into their extensive store of knowledge of making Moto GP racing bike tires to produce this set of tires for everyday riders. That translates into a set of sports style tires here with a number of features that lend themselves to high performance.

The tread, for example, only covers around 12% of the tire surface. This has been done to provide the maximum road adhesion during cornering. The rubber compound that has been used here has been employed because it heats up to its premium operating temperature extra quickly. It is also W rated, meaning it is safe for use up to 168 MPH. not of course that we suggest you drive at those speeds (unless you want to be chased by the Police chopper).

If you are looking for a sport orientated high-performance tire, there is a lot to grab your attention here.