Shinko 712 Rear Motorcycle Tire


Choosing between a touring style of tire and one that is more designed for sports use can be a tough decision for many motorbike riders. On the one hand, you want the performance and speed capacities of sports tires. On the other, you want the long lasting endurance and comfortable ride of a touring tire.

It’s quite a head-scratcher, but it is a decision that Continental is looking to take out of your hands with this model of motorcycle tire, the ContiMotion. It is designed to combine the best parts of sports and a touring tire into one. So it is designed to provide excellent grip in wet and dry conditions just as you would expect with a sports tire. At the same time, it is designed to provide outstanding ride comfort and stability – just like any good touring tire.

The good thing as well is that this tire is priced for the entry-level market, and you can expect a fair bit of change back from a hundred bucks. That’s good value for any Continental brand tire, let alone one that boasts such an interesting, problem-solving design.