Siemens VersiCharge


We kick off our list with this charging station from Siemens. This is a company that needs very little introduction as Siemens is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality electronics.

What we have here is an EV charging station that very much lives up to that pedigree. This is a hardwired model, which means that it is capable of delivering high levels of charge power. In fact, this is one of the most powerful at home chargers on the market right now. It can push out 30 amps of power to allow for the 220/240V charge being delivered.

That is going to charge a vehicle battery from zero to fully charged in potentially just a few hours. That is always a handy feature to have! As a Siemens design, you also get a lot of handy features built in like a high-quality 14-foot charging cable, flexible timing controls and a well-designed mounting bracket.

It can work at temperatures between minus 30 to plus 50 Celsius.  All of this is protected by a three-year warranty for a truly outstanding product that makes a strong claim to being one of the best home EV chargers out there.