Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Birch Wood Hobby and Garage Compact Tools Workbench


Seville Classics are back once again with their third entry on our list today. This style of garage workbench is much simpler than the other two options on the list, however it is still packing a host of useful design points.

Naturally, you will have noticed this model has no built in storage. This is another of the paired back models that are all about the worktop instead of the optional extras like pegboards, lights and power strips.

Look at its price tag, however, and you’ll find what you are getting is not a paired-back version of the other workbenches but rather one that has been designed to be a premium, stand-alone bench that will be a pleasure to work at, whilst having the solidity to provide years of useful service.

So the worktop itself is high-grade solid hardwood. The frame and legs are steel, with a powder coat to protect against corrosion. The worktop level can be raised or lowered through 13.5 inches of height to provide a bespoke fit.

This model is not cheap. But it is a very well made and very well designed worktop that could be a great investment for the serious at home mechanic.