SKSAE RaceBlade Pro XL Black Fenders


We love all our recommended models, but the SKS RaceBlade Pro XL fender captures our heart the most. After several years of designing and developing innovative gear for use on bikes and their vehicles, SKS has launched its most beautiful invention yet. The RaceBlade Pro XL is the best MTB mudguard in the world today. With its impressive external design and its ability to adapt to the radius of all wheels, this fender ensures that flying mud becomes a thing of the past for you and your bike. These bike fenders deal with splatter control with the extra-long design, and they come as units that are easy to attach and detach. They don’t require any particular skill to attach onto a bike, and they have no complicated parts that need fixing.

You can attach your SKS Pro XL fender onto your commuting bikes, racing bikes, MTB bikes and any other bike type you love to make use of.