SKYBRYTE Skyco Ospho Surface Prep


Meet the Skyco Ospho Surface Prep Rust Converter, a merely great formula developed by an equally great brand. The Skyco Ospho retards and resists rust in chemical change and presents your metal with a robust and hard surface for painting. It acts as both a rust remover and a paint primer, and this level of versatility makes it one of the best rust converters of today. After an application of the Ospho rust neutralizer, your paint jobs are more likely to last longer since the paint will be attached securely, to prevent the attack of oxygen and moisture on the metal.

The Ospho converter is a water-thin formulated product, put together by only the best scientist and professionals. They have ensured that this product covers a large surface area and can be applied with ease in a matter of seconds. Once it is applied, the rusted metal will have its chemical composition using with that of the converter to make the rust inert. This combination gives off a black color on the metal’s surface. The application process is straightforward and doesn’t require any special pre-treatment. As a primer, the Ospho rust converter offers you a sleek and smooth surface for painting. This feature is shared with other rust converters. The Ospho converter for rust can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. It is a handy rust converter which offers all users maximum value for their money.