Sleeping Lamb Waterproof Car Seat Protectors


Sleeping Lamb’s car back seat organizer incorporates a stylish zig-zag pattern, sure to brighten up any car’s interior. The organizer combines the protection of a kick mat with the utility of five pockets to provide backseat passengers large and small with entertainment and a place to stow away items on long car journeys.

The organizer features five pockets in total; two are deep enough to tuck away books and magazines, two are elastic-topped and great for smaller items such as drink bottles, and the final pocket is clear-fronted and perfect for storing a tablet. Tablets can be used hands free when they’re tucked into the pocket, allowing passengers accessible entertainment, and preventing the item from being dropped. Alongside its great storage capacity, the kick mats are durable enough to stand up to any number of scrapes and muddy footprints, and can be easily wiped clean.