Smartwax Rim Wax Ultimate Shine and Protection


Perfect for use on chrome rims, this rim wax is safe for any type of finish your wheels may have. It’s an extremely highly rated option and customers love how easy it is to use and remove. Unlike many harder variants, this options glides on and off thanks to its ingredients, although you may notice that you’ll get through this a lot faster than some of wheel sealant choices – so it may be best to buy two or more, if you’re looking to stock up for future use.

This is also a cleaner and polish, alongside the waxing capabilities, so you’ll be sure to get a good, smooth finish thanks to this option from Smartwax. However, you should also be aware that this means it won’t leave as thick a layer, so you will need to apply this more frequently – particularly if you’re based in the wetter, rainier states as it will quickly wash away.