SnowOFF Car Windshield Snow and Ice Cover


We love a product that does what it promises on the packaging like this one from SnowOFF. As it puts it, “Fold off, Shake off, Drive off,” and that seems pretty appealing, right?

This is a premium product with a premium price tag, making it more than double the cost of some of the other items on this list. For the money, however, you get a lot of high-level features.

The standout is the sheer amount of attachments. Side panels go into the doors to secure the vertical sides. Straps with hooks easily attach to wheels and secure downwards, and suction cups take care of the rest. This results in a super secure attachment, making this ideal for use in climates with especially harsh winters.

The product is made from premium, high-quality materials for a superior finish, long lifespan, and high performance. The long skirt trails down onto the hood to protect windshield wipers, and it comes with a handy storage pouch to keep it safe and out of the way.