SoHoMiLL Electronic Keyless Door Lock


This is a keyless electronic keypad lock that has a heavy-duty stainless steel design that you can install yourself. It will fit any standard door knob hole on right and left hinged doors and has an adjustable latch backset 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″. The door knob is a spring latch lock rather than a deadlock. All you need is a screwdriver to install it in minutes. It has a new ergonomic design and is powered by four 4 AAA batteries. There is a low battery warning and a backup battery box jumper just in case they run out. It also has a mechanical key as a backup.

This keyless door lock can store eight user codes that can all be controlled by a master code. For the ultimate in security, it auto-locks from outside in three seconds. It is not vulnerable to phone connections or cyber-hacking. Because the numbers are printed beneath the buttons, they do not wear out and no one can guess the codes from the pattern of wear.