Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Travel Scooter


Tzora is a company with a high level of technologically advanced production. They have been effective over the years, even until now, and this has enabled them to identifiably export more than 90% of their products to many countries around the world. Their products are quite outstanding as they live up to the desires and intentions for which they are originally created. This brand offers innovative scooters for easier and convenient travel. With the Tzora Classic Lexis Light Folding Lightweight Travel Scooter as part of their products, you can only expect greater results and satisfaction. This product effectively has all the advantages that accompanies a compact mobility scooter and much more.

One of the outstanding benefits of the Tzora Classic Lexis Light Folding Lightweight Travel Scooter is that it adequately has non-marking tires that are guaranteed to never to go flat. This ensures a long span and gives the user a feeling of security with its purchase. What’s more, on the topic of detachability, this fold up mobility scooter can be adequately separated into three parts which are lightweight and convenient for storage purposes. The heaviest part of this mobility scooter is just 29 lbs which is a suitable weight that can easily be stored. When it comes to the entire weight of the scooter, it sits at around 62 lbs. and can be easily taken on trips and outdoor events without worry. Overall, no advanced knowledge of scooter operation is required as it is generally easy to operate and possesses adaptable modes of use.