SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive Opener


Turn your garage into a high-tech and highly innovative garage with the Genie QuietLift Smart Garage Door Opener. This system has an ultra-quiet unit designed to be the best attachment to all living spaces. This opener from Genie allows hands-free operations by being highly compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. This compatibility is possible, thanks to the integrated Aladdin Connect Technology feature, a system which allows you to keep tabs on the movement of your gate while you’re away. 

The QuietLift garage opener comes with a five-piece railing system, a sturdy and durable feature that aids in easy and swift installation. The entire unit is naturally light in weight and doesn’t require the use of any hardware. An additional feature includes the pre-programmed remotes that eliminate all other steps as are necessary for installation. The result is a garage door opener which is ready to use. For durability and added value, the Genie Smart Garage Door Opener has its steel-reinforced belt drive system. Other features included in the package are a wireless exterior keypad, an independent light button, a wall control panel, and a vacation lock.