Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Chair


Hey, you can’t have a table without a set of chairs, right? Don’t say we never hook you up here are Carbibles, because this is a set of high quality camping chairs that function just as well on their own or when paired with a table for a comfortable outdoor dining experience.

Just as we said when looking at the table above, this item also needs to blend functionality with ease of use and storage. Just as it has similar requirements to the table, so the manufacturer has answered these requirements in a similar way. So we have a strong and robust aluminum frame that is topped with a Nylon seat. This helps to make the chair strong, comfortable, and lightweight.

This is another piece of camping gear that is thankfully extremely easy to fold up and put away. The nice feature of this product is the built in storage bag. The chair simply folds up and into its bag (which is about 14 inches long) and weighs only 2 Lbs for super easy storage in the car.