SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box


Our second entry from Thule represents the manufactures attempt to corner the budget end of the cargo box market. This model is going to set you back considerably less than the price tag on the premium models on this list including the other Thule one above.

The trade off there is that this is more of a basic design, with generally less carrying power. It has 8 cubit feet of storage and a max load of 75 pounds of luggage, both of which are considerably less than you get with the premium models.

It’s still a useful amount of additional space however, and you are still getting the Thule build quality, albeit with lower grade materials. The heavy-duty plastic construction will protect your luggage in transit, and the secure lock will do the same when you stop.

Side loading makes it easy to get your luggage in and the Thule attachments fit to most bars and racks. So whilst you may lose carrying capacity and higher end materials, it still comes equipped with quite a few useful features.