Stanadyne Performance Formula One Shot


Improving the properties of the diesel fuel you put into your engine shouldn’t be difficult especially if you’ve got the likes of the Opti-Lube XPD diesel fuel conditioner. This diesel treatment provides your engine and fuel system exceptional lubrication while improving your ride’s mileage. You’ll definitely have more adventures to come with the XPD in your engine and fuel system.

But that’s not all that the XPD diesel additive can bring to your car. While boosting your fuel’s cetane rating, it also cleans and protects your fuel injectors as well as other important components of your fuel delivery. Reduced deposits also mean cleaner emissions. The unique formulation of the XPD diesel treatment also helps improve water separation, ensuring your fuel won’t have any of those nasty bugs that can undermine the lubricity of your diesel fuel. The best news is that the engine additives in the XPD are especially formulated for all types of emissions systems so it’s basically pour-and-drive.