Stanley 12 Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag


Our first product comes from Stanley, a name that is of course very well recognized for creating high-quality tools. Here, that classic name and yellow branding have been applied to create a tool bag that is one of the most popular on the market – but what features have been packed into it to help it attain that lofty status?

First and foremost this is a relatively simple and straightforward design – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What we have is a very well constructed bag with soft sides that allow for a little expansion – after all, we all have those annoying longer tools that won’t fit into rigid boxes. A nice, solid base that is made of rubber foam compliments that flexible construction. It protects against sagging when you have lots of tools inside and also provides a cushioned base to protect the tools when the bag is placed down onto the floor.

The carry handles are cotton padded for a little extra comfort, whilst there are enough pockets and pouches – both inside and mounted externally – to provide ample storage for smaller tools, fastenings, nuts, and bolts. A price tag well below 20 bucks is phenomenally good value too, and whilst it may be a simple design it does everything it sets out to do.