Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard


There’s no need to use any other product when cleaning your bike than Star brite’s Ultimate Bike Guard. Proudly manufactured in the USA, this waterless cleaner protects your beloved motor from dirt and UV damage, all thanks to the insulating PTEF polymer barrier. Likewise, although using the word ‘bike’ in the product name, this detailer and protectant can be used to clean pretty much any vehicle!

With this Bike Guard, protection from UV rays in summertime has never been so easy. Besides acting as sunscreen for your motorcycle, this Bike Guard also enhances the shine of any painted surface or metal it comes into contact with. By purchasing this protectant, you’ll not only be improving your bike but solving any problems before they have the chance to occur.

Top Tip – If you are using this product to clean any helmets, avoid spraying considerable amounts onto visors.