StatGear Auto Escape Tool


The StatGear auto escape tool is a great addition to your car, despite its unassuming look and small size. This is a great simple design. The tool sits in your window visor and is accessible at all times yet out of the way for day-to-day activities, so there’s no chance of your kids grabbing it and playing around without you noticing.

The emergency window breaker is a little less obvious. It’s at the tip of the seatbelt cutter, but this doesn’t make it any less effective. The only downside is that you are more likely to cut yourself using this item than you would be with some of the others on our list. That is because you need to exert a decent amount of force in order to break the window, and the layout of this tool means you’re likely to keep moving once the glass has shattered and catch yourself. Of course, the simplest way to avoid this is to cover your hands either with gloves or some other fabric.