Steelcraft Black Headache Rack


Headache racks are a great addition as they offer protection that no other accessory can. For those who carry loads over long distances, we recommend that you invest in a headache rack that you can trust. Check out the Steelcraft Headache Rack. We love how sturdy and rugged this unit is, thanks to its heavy-duty construction. The Steelcraft headache rack has a classic black outlook that looks good on every vehicle. It makes use of a unique tubular steel manufacturing approach to ensure that you reap all the needed benefits from its construction. This headache rack is crafted carefully and accurately by studious hands. It displays impressive crafting expertise, which delivers everything you’ve ever wanted in a headache rack and more.

The SteelCraft headache rack with lights is made from the T304 model of stainless steel. It comes with a stylish design, inspired by the design of louvers; thus, it acts also as a shade provider and a vent for more air. The Steelcraft brand is known not only for its headache racks but also for the creation of bull bars, side steps, grille guards, and many other vehicle accessories. They are considered pioneer designers of all these accessories, as they paved the way for other competing brands to step out of their comfort zone.