Steelman Extension Torque Sticks


Haven’t found the torque stick for you yet? Don’t worry, we’ve saved one of the best items for last. Steelman’s blue 1/2-Inch Drive Torque Extension is available at a bargain price. Its eight-inch extension provides easy clearance and consequently avoids any damage to wheel by not operating too close. Plus, it prevents detrimental overtightening from occurring that can lead to the premature failure of wheels.

Made of durable chrome molybdenum steel with a blue powder coating for additional corrosion resistance, Steelman’s creation is easily identifiable within a cluttered tool box. And you’ll know when to stop the torquing process, as when 80 ft-lb of torque is reached, all later impact after this point will be consumed. Just hurry up and purchase it fast before Steelman become aware of their product’s worth and up the price!