Street Fit 360 Bike Tube


Sunlite has all bike users covered, regardless of whether they’re using Schrader or Presta tubes. They have introduced the Sunlite Street Fit Tube. This is a 360 tube system that is designed to help in the overall performance of your bike. It is suitable via its durable design for use with both Schrader and Presta valves; thus, all your issues relating to compatibility are sorted upon a purchase. These bike tubes are the ideal replacement tube option for owners of mountain bikes or cruisers, which feature the same bike tire size.

The Sunlite bike tubes are also sleek and straightforward in design. They are made and sold in pairs; thus, you get to save more on a single purchase. These tubes are very easy to inflate and deflate, and they are slightly thick in size for easy installation. Customers across the globe praise this unit for its enhanced strength and durability. They also love that it comes as a pack of two, as this means you automatically have a spare in case of accidents. Furthermore, bike experts have listed the Sunlite bike tubes as one of the best road bike tubes in today’s market. It has several reviews online and Is also known to be the flagship tube product of the Sunlite group. Overall, we recommend this unit because of its reliability and affordability.