Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor


Another high tech option, this parking aid from Striker once again uses ultra-sonic pulses rather than lasers. It differs from the product above mainly by being even easier to install (yes, easier than four little screws!) and also by having a much larger, easier to see display. For some people, that could easily be a negative, as this is certainly not as discrete a design as the one we saw above from Measurements Ltd. On the other hand, if you want an easy to see visual display look no further.

In operation, this model is also very similar to the one above. So it flashes green as the car or truck approaches, yellow as it nears the ideal parking position and finally red to indicate you should come to a stop. Very simple to use then. Installation is easy too, with the bottom section attached to the wall at bumper height, the top indicator section attached where you can see it easily from inside the vehicle.

There are no screws required here either, just some sticky tape and Velcro. The sticky tape that comes with the product is crap though, so invest in something extra strong from 3M instead and the product will easily cling to the wall of the garage. All in all then a pretty well designed little parking aid.