Suaoki 18V Solar Car Battery Charger


We end on this product from ECO-WORTHY, and we’ve certainly left one of the best models to last. This is clearly a premium level auto battery charger, and so we have a number of useful features on this product.

First up is the power output – 12 Volts is going to be enough to trickle charge a whole host of battery types, from car mounted ones to motorcycle batteries and everything in between. Operation is easy and straight forward, with the supplied suction pads allowing you to hang it in the window of a vehicle, whilst it’s also small enough to sit on the dashboard, motorcycle seat or just about anywhere else.

A reverse diode stops energy leakage at night, whilst the supplied power cord is a handy 1.5 meters in length and can attach to your vehicle via the 12V cigarette lighter port or direct to the battery terminals with clips.

All in all, a very well designed solar charger with a lot of useful features.  A price tag of over 30 bucks makes this one of the more expensive models out there though.