Suaoki D60


Another excellent Suaoki laser measurer, this one too affordable and packed with useful features. This compact device can be used by both contractors and other professionals, as well as DIYers.

The D60 model has a measuring range up to 197 feet with an accuracy of within 0.08 inch, or 2 mm.  It features built-in equations for volume, area and Pythagoras measurements and there is a unit converter for easy switching between metric and imperial units. There is also an internal memory storage which saves up to 20 measurements. The operation is incredibly simple thanks to the tools’ intuitive design, bright laser and a bright LCD display. However, it’s worth noting that the laser dot is practically invisible outdoors in a sunny environment, although that is to be expected with most inexpensive laser meters.

The D60 model is compact for easy transport and uses two typical AAA batteries.