Sumitomo Encounter HT All-Season Radial Tire


Coming into contact with any tire from Sumitomo changes your perspective about tires and how they operate. These are world-class tires created to be the difference in the vehicle industry. The difference is easily seen in their construction and external aesthetic, which differs significantly from other competing brand models. All over the world, Sumitomo is recognized as being the leading manufacturer of car tires, and our editorial team was more than happy to highlight some of their bestselling units, one of which Is the Sumitomo Encounter HT, an all-season radial tire for SUVs and pickup trucks.

The Encounter HT tire features a high-quality design backed by new technologies for higher performance. It delivers a long lifespan which ensures that every customer receives excellent value for money, miles after their purchase. This car tire combines wet braking and dry handling with its all-season traction system, in all seasons exceptionally light snow. Such an ability isn’t collective in all all-season tires; thus were confident in the quality of this model from Sumitomo. The casing is molded into a symmetrical five-rib pattern, which works in combination with a continuous center rib for dry road, straight-line traction. Stability is also ensured via the inclusion of independent intermediate and shoulder tread blocks.