Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable-Winter Radial Tire


For excellent performance in the snow, Sumitomo has launched its most exceptional radial tire yet. This product falls under its collection of car tires, manufactured for stability and comfort. In finding the bestselling Sumitomo models in the market our editorial team came across the Sumitomo Ice Edge Radial tire, a stable winter tire made to deliver severe snow performance while meeting the other necessary needs of every owner. These are tires that feature specific elements meant to target the unique demands arising from harsh cold weather. The incorporation of high tech elements and top innovations allows users to make use of this product at various points within the year without any problem. 

The Sumitomo Ice Edge tires come with a studded exterior to offer your vehicle more grip and traction whenever it is used in the snow. Every part of this tire is manufactured with a unique engineering system which comprises of a specially formulated tread compound, for superior performance and extended durability. Another feature that customers have come to appreciate is the distinct 3D siping technology which gives your vehicle the ultimate bite on ice and snow. For better stability and handling, these tires feature triangular center tread blocks, which expand when in contact with the road surface. Upon contact, there is an expansion of the tread contact footprint, and this results in higher levels of comfort during your ride. There is also the widening of all tread channels which helps enhance snow grip while speeding up the evacuation of slush and ice.