SUMITOMO Touring LSH All- Season Radial Tire


The celebration of 105 years by Sumitomo is well deserved because they have dedicated several years to the satisfaction of every customer and all car owners across the world. No car cannot find the perfect tire among the endless Sumitomo options. The brands radial tires are all designed differently, but they each offer similar, outstanding performances to users, depending on their specific manufacturing purpose. One model from this family of beautiful tires that have stood the test of time concerning terrain and seasons is their Sumitomo Touring LSH All-season radial tire. As the name suggests, this is the perfect tire to use throughout the year if you’re an economical car owner. It keeps your vehicle on the road continuously, and ensuring your comfort is guaranteed.

The Touring LSH tires are radial tires developed for all cars including crossover vehicles, soups, sedans, and minivans. Their design is such that, no matter the terrain, you remain balanced and overly comfortable. These tires feature the use of fine-grain carbon, a tread compound known for its durability. This compound is molded into a symmetric pattern by computer, to help increase tread life and aid in water evacuation. There’s a center rib included in the design to provide continuous contact for a quieter ride, with innovative shoulder blocks that come together to enhance cornering traction. For improved performance in different weather conditions, the Touring LSH tires have an increased number of biting edges. The sipes are located in the independent shoulder for better output working together with the four circumferential grooves that help your tires resist hydroplaning.