Sunmates Travel Trailer Cover


The next cover is this product from Covercraft. It is very much from the entry-level end of the market, with a very enticing low price tag.

That does, of course, mean that some features have been trimmed out to keep that price tag low. Probably the biggest omission is a lack of a side door access. If you need to get into your RV or trailer whilst it is covered, this could be a big omission.  If not, that omission is saving you a few bucks so happy days!

Construction is very simple, with a multi-layer polypropylene top and single layer body. Air venting is pretty minimal too, so this may not be an ideal purchase for use in a very humid or wet environment.

If you are expecting a premium product for this price you’ll be disappointed. If though you are looking for an entry-level cover that is simple but reasonably effective, this could be one to take a closer look at.