SunplusTrade Black Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap


SunplusTrade’s Black Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll is for heavy-duty riders who believe that their bike deserves only the best. Manufactured from fiberglass, this durable exhaust tape can successfully withstand 1400 degrees of direct heat as well as 2000 degrees of intermittent heat. Resisting abrasions and oil spills is what this product does best, as well as reducing that bothersome heat radiating from under your bike’s hood by up to 50%.

Buyers are more than impressed with this item’s durability, claiming that SunplusTrade’s jet-black wrap is a steal for the price. After looking at this wrap as a stand-alone product, many users are pleasantly surprised at just how aesthetically pleasing this heat wrap looks on their bikes by hiding the various dents that accumulate over years of riding. What’s more, for the price of this wrap you receive six stainless zip ties to make installation a whole lot easier. It’s a product you can trust!