Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger


We’ll go into it a little more below, but efficiency is definitely one of the standout features you should be looking for in your portable car battery charger. After all, the more efficient the model of charger, the faster the charge, and the less time it needs to be plugged in.

Well efficiency is certainly the name of the game with this product from Suaoki, which boasts a frankly phenomenal efficiency rate of 22.5%. Take it from us, whilst that may not seem very impressive, it is actually pretty fantastic.

One of the ways it achieves this is by having a nice big surface area, with the whole charger (including border) measuring about 16.5 Inches by 11 Inches. It is however extremely thin, which helps keep the weight down. It’s also to wide to pop onto the dash, but it is remarkably durable, and completely waterproof, so you can happily set it up outside.

It also has a built in reverse charge blocking diode, to prevent energy coming out of the battery when charge is not going in – i.e. at nighttime.

This is a really well designed product, with a lot of useful features onboard. Is there a downside? Of course there is, nothing is perfect or toothpaste would taste of steak. This model is the most expensive on the list, that’s its main downside.

Saying that though, whilst it is more expensive than the others, you will still get a little change back from a 50-dollar bill. That means you’re getting a lot of high performance solar charging for your money.