Superior Essentials Double Sunglass Holder for Cars


The Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder is a reliable unit with the capability of holding 2 pairs of glasses at once. It can be reading glasses, protective glasses, and regular sun shades, and this holder securely keeps them in place. The simple design allows the glasses to easily slide in and out without the hassle of fiddling with the unit to get in in place. This ensures easy access to any of the clipped glasses at anytime with a simple one-hand operation. The glasses won’t easily slip out, however, particularly if they’re plastic.

Apart from storing glasses, there’s also the benefit of slipping in important cards, tickets and portable items. It’s not easy to forget what lies before you, and this car glasses holder ensures such important items are not forgotten or left behind. The unit clips unto the visor or vent system in the car, which permits easy reachability and enables a good distance that doesn’t get in the way of the car visor when driving. The Superior Essentials Sunglass holder definitely stands out for its universal compatibility and reliable storage of sunglasses on the go.