Superior Essentials Sunglass Holder for Cars


The Superior Essentials brand bring us this portable and more compact model fit for hanging a pair of sunglasses. The metal clip clings securely to the top of a car visor keeping the set out of the drivers view. This portable and compact form of the Superior Essentials Sunglass Holder provides ensures a neat and well organised storage of those favorite pair of sunglasses. Alternatively, the holder can equally be clipped to the air vents easy access as well as a well organised outlook. This visor sunglasses holder features a strong, and tight fitting grip that are firm enough to keep a pair of glasses clipped in.

The design equally ensures the clip isn’t too strong to provide a lenient slip out when necessary. This makes operation quite simple; pull out the clip and insert the glasses for convenient and un-obstructive storage and easily pull slightly again to retrieve the pair. There are no buttons or parts that make operation a challenge, just a simple and safe design that keeps the glasses locked in. Equally selling at an affordable price, this universal design generously accommodates all glasses types and should securely fit on practically any car visor.