Superwinch LT3000 ATV Winch


Smittybilt are a very well regarded winch manufacturer with over 50 years experience, and this model represents a re-design of the popular XRC series. Whilst the last winch we looked at was designed for ATV mounting, this model is very much designed for vehicles.

We have a very meaty 6.6 Horsepower engine, running through a 3 Stage Planetary Gear System which helps deliver those horses right where you need them. All working and sensitive parts of the winch are enclosed behind 100% waterproof protection so you can happily ford rivers and drive through water logged holes without worrying about your winch getting wet.

A corded remote control means you can operate the winch standing at a safe distance or even behind the wheel whilst driving, and the supplied hook is very good quality, you won’t need to buy a replacement.

All that power, all that excellent design and build quality that the Smittybilt name guarantees comes with a price tag of only around 300 bucks, making this a very attractive model if you’re looking for a well made winch with excellent pulling power.