Swagman RV Approved 2-Bike Bumper Rack


Swagman is no ordinary brand. This is a company that cares for all customers the same. They accept that every customer is different and as such, not all products will work for everybody. To keep the masses happy, they design every product as an improvement of the last, tweaking and moving elements around until they have a wide range of sellable items. Their products are economical and highly functional, not forgetting durable. In this article, we list several models of bike racks from their family, and the latest addition is the Swagman RV Approved Bumper Rack. 

It is similar to other two-bike racks from the Swagman company, with the significant difference seen in the list of features it possesses. This bike rack is made with heavy-duty steel construction. It accommodates two bikes and is highly resistant to corrosion thanks to its powder coating. This RV ladder bike rack is elementary to install and simple to use since it supports a wide range of bicycle frames, sizes, and wheels. Attach this rack to your bumper via the included steel U-bolts. There is also an upright bar that adds more support to the bikes while on the move. Make your camping trips more convenient with the Swagman bike rack and focus more on your exploration.