Swagman RV Approved Around the Spare Deluxe Bike Rack


Our final product is from our favorite brand, Swagman. The company loves to satisfy all customers; thus, they design a wide range of models that fit into different lifestyles and fulfill different needs. Their Swagman Around the Spare Deluxe bike rack is such a product, and it is explicitly designed to aid RV owners to move their bikes around without an issue. It features a rugged, heavy-duty construction which ensures its durability and increases its strength. This unit can be mounted around your spare tire, to help you maximize space and when you wish.

The Around the Spare bike rack holds two bikes with ease. It features a rust and corrosion-free design, and it comes with anti-sway cradles that prevent contact between the bikes. Installing this unit involves a hassle-free procedure that doesn’t demand a lot of time or any special skills. We are confident in this brand, and we believe that every bicycle rack for RVs they deliver is of top quality and offers the highest level of convenience to customers. All Swagman products can fit onto most RV models, and they are incredibly affordable. We recommend them for all camping enthusiast who has bikes and other adventurous people.