Swisher Zero Turn Mower


Say goodbye to your regular, boring design of a mower and check out the Swisher Zero Turn Mower. This is a mowing machine designed and built for your comfort. Identified by manufacturers as the Response Gen mower model, this unit features a powerful engine from Briggs & Stratton for exceptional performance. It offers users with total control and improved comfort via its patented rapid response control system and makes mulching easier through the use of three gator blades and a cutting deck. For better grass discharge and improved airflow, the Swisher turn mower features a front debris shield unit.

This Swisher riding mower comes with an Ogura clutch and a Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission system. The fuel capacity is large, due to its powerful performance. A total of eight gallons of fuel can be poured into this mower for operations. If you’re tired of mowing your grass, but you love having a lawn at home, you can make use of the Swisher zero turn mower. Turn your mowing sessions into exciting, fun times that don’t drag into the day. This mower delivers a beautiful and entirely professional cut every day, without much effort thanks to its powerful blade system and high-quality engine.