Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone


The Tiakia Universal Motorcycle Mount is a great option if you want a mount that’s easy to use. This mount is quick and simple — you can install it on your motorcycle’s handlebars in no time, and it takes just three seconds to add or remove your phone. A fixing screw on the back of the mount will lock your phone in place and keep it secure. Made out of aluminum alloy, this mount includes a silicone frame that adds an extra layer of stability and grip. This motorcycle phone mount can rotate, allowing you to move and turn your phone a full 360 degrees to get the perfect angle. It offers less vibration and no noise, and it won’t fade or become weaker over time.

Worried about fit? This motorcycle phone mount is pretty universal like its name implies. The mount itself will fit any motorcycle with handlebars between 22 and 33 millimeters in diameter. It’ll also hold any cell phone between 4.7 and 7.2 inches in size. From current iPhones and Galaxy models to phones by Huawei and Motorola, they should all fit comfortably in this mount.