Tacklife HD60


With an accurate and long distance measuring range, you would never guess this laser measuring tool is so cheap. But don’t be fooled by its low price – this compact device has a durable, water-resistant design and a bunch of useful features that are usually only present in higher-end models.

The Tacklife HD60 measures up to 196 feet with an accuracy down to a 1/16 of an inch. Pretty neat for a laser measurer that costs less than $40! The device also provides volume and area calculations based on measured length, height, and width, meaning there’s no need for manual operation with this gadget. The device also has the power of calculating indirect Pythagorean measurement and comes with a data storage of 30 groups. The only downside is the operation which is not super-intuitive. Thankfully, the tool comes with an instruction manual, so it’s not too hard to learn how to use it.

The Tacklife HD60 sports IP54 waterproof level, offering protection in a variety of environmental conditions. As for the batteries, there are two AAA alkaline batteries included.