Tanbaby LED Deformable Garage Light


Tanbaby offers us something different with its LED Deformable Garage Light. Once you take a look at the product, you will note that it looks unusual and reminds more of a chandelier than a classic LED fixture we are used to seeing. There are three LED heads spread evenly to form a triangle on the base and each of these can be adjusted by 360 degrees to make sure that they are delivering the light just the way you want it.

The lamp delivers a whopping 6000Lm of light, but it does have a power consumption of 60W. However, if you divide this across three LED heads and consider the brightness level, you realize that this product is actually energy efficient. The color temperature at 6,000K is a bit more than the average, but it still shouldn’t affect the quality of light delivered. Another cool feature is that these garage ceiling lights are equipped with a motion sensor. They can automatically activate when you enter the garage and turn off two minutes after you leave, or you can just turn off that feature and utilize a classic switch. Either way, this product of unusual design can be a smart choice for those that are looking for a different solution for their garage than classic LED shop lights.